One of our favorite things about the design of Walsh is the fact that one-third of the land will forever remain as open space.

Some will be manicured or activated with new landscape while others will be left natural, but one-third will always be open for communal use.

And to that end, parks will be an integral part of how the neighborhoods will be created. The idea is that each park will be within a five-minute walk of every home. Clusters of homes will identify themselves with the park they surround, instead of being separated or isolated by walls. At Walsh, we want to encourage connectivity throughout the neighborhood, so each of our parks and open spaces are connected with trails for biking, running or walking.

We believe it’s this connectivity that encourages community with neighbors and a greater connection with nature. Openness is important at Walsh; it gives us a chance to breathe, to get out and enjoy this beautiful land we are privileged to call home.