Natural Connections

Letting Nature Inspire Community

Your family needs ample green space to thrive, so we purposely arranged every park to sit within a five-minute walk of another park or greenbelt. Our thoughtful design was inspired by nature so that each neighborhood takes its name and identity from the nearest park. Here, you won’t find any man-made boundaries between groups of homes. With an open layout and open spaces connected by trails, we made it easy to feel at one with your neighborhood and your neighbors.

Overlook Park

overlook park

Crescent Park

crescent park

Theater Park

theater park

Founders Park

founders park

Lake Park

lake park

Dog Parks

dog parks

Multi-use Trail
Lake Park

A Beach Vacation Every Day

You want to live in a neighborhood that grows with its families, so we’ll keep building new parks as we build new homes. The community’s newest natural beauty, Lake Park – aptly named for its nine-acre lake and adjoining 80-foot dock – will quickly become your favorite spot for sunny, sandy, splashy diversion.

Because you want variety, we used the seven acres near the lakefront to construct a two-tiered shaded playground complete with swings, slides, climbing walls, and a globe spinner. Next to this interactive play zone, our gaga ball pit and bocce ball court provide endless opportunities for you and your family to play and meet new friends. Once you’re all played out, you can relax near the live oak grove or take advantage of the stage, where the occasional concert or outdoor movie will end your day on a perfect note. Ideal for everything from crisp fall days to slow summer evenings, Lake Park is a neighborhood perk like no other.

Overlook Park

Creating New Heights and Skyline Views

You deserve impressive views and outdoor inspiration, right from home. We didn’t reserve the highest point in the neighborhood for only a few residents to enjoy – we wanted it to be for everyone. That’s why we picked this spot – at an impressive-for-Texas 980 feet above sea level – to feature an attraction for the whole neighborhood. Thus, Overlook Park was born.

Boasting a 35-foot in-ground slide flanked by climbable built-ins, this park will attract all thrill-seekers in your family. All efforts to ascend to the top are rewarded with breathtaking views of the Fort Worth skyline and surrounding rolling hills. Of course, you also want a space to connect with family and friends, so we placed a playground with swings, spinners, and ample seating for picnic lunches and other festivities at the base of the hill.

Founders Park

Walsh’s First Neighborhood Park

You want a community that values functionality and style – so we built Founders Park to exemplify both. Open daily, this is one of the first places newcomers can explore when visiting. We built it as an homage to the Walsh family’s vision for the community, to represent the expansion of their beloved Fort Worth. As such, it’s a hub for neighborhood activity, celebrations, and gatherings, both to honor our roots and work toward our vision of the future.

Founders Park is located in the center of our first neighborhood and surrounded by model homes, making it a great spot to check out all our builders. The Village Market, Athletic Club, and Makerspace are all nearby, and on any given weekend you may find food trucks, pickup soccer games, or kids buzzing by on scooters. Whatever the weather or the occasion, a stroll through Founders Park always leads to good things.

Walsh Theater Park
Imagination Playground

An interactive plays experience with large foam blocks and moving parts.

Musical Playground

Discover and unlock the hidden Easter Eggs on the Musical Playground.


Family restrooms so the fun doesn’t have to stop when nature calls.

Zip Line

Kids will find adventure and freedom soaring on the 100 ft zip line.

In-Ground Slide

Nestled into a hill, this slide is fun and safe for our littlest adventurers.

Water Play Feature

An interactive water feature to keep kids curious and cool during the summer months.

Open Space

Space to be used for playing, lounging, picnicking or small neighborhood events.

Theater Park

An Interactive Stage For Discovery

Kids crave interactive experiences and exciting new surroundings. With Theater Park, we set out to create a thrilling adventure your family could walk to. Named for the way the surrounding homes look onto the park like seats in a theater, this outdoor expanse will spark your family’s imagination and get the creative juices flowing. With a 100-foot zip line, playful water features, swings, and an in-ground slide, you’ll never run out of ways to play. Children love playing with the Imagination Playground which offers an incredible opportunity for “free play.”

Dog Parks

Where Best Friends Come to Play

When your family includes a few furry friends, you need a spot that’s just for them. Let’s face it – dogs need wide open spaces, room to make their big mistakes. That’s why we designed a special park specifically for them to let loose. Kick off your human shoes (just be careful where you step), and enjoy watching your four-legged family members live their best lives. With plenty of lush grassy space and free-flowing water features, your pups will feel free to jump, sprint and slobber their way to a well-deserved nap. We even designed separate parks for small and large breeds, so ALL dogs can snag a playmate.

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