Natural Planning

Creating Connectivity Through Nature

At Walsh, parks are an integral part of how we design each neighborhood. We made sure that each park is within a five-minute walk of another park or one of the many greenbelts that weave throughout the landscape. The homes that surround these parks create an un-delineated neighborhood that gets its identity from its nearest park. This land plan is also noticeably absent of segregating brick walls or homogenous groupings of homes. Connectivity is encouraged through an open layout and open spaces with trails designed for biking, running, walking and connecting.

Walsh Theater Park
Imagination Playground

An interactive plays experience with large foam blocks and moving parts.

Musical Playground

Discover and unlock the hidden Easter Eggs on the Musical Playground.


Family restrooms so the fun doesn’t have to stop when nature calls.

Zip Line

Kids will find adventure and freedom soaring on the 100 ft zip line.

In-Ground Slide

Nestled into a hill, this slide is fun and safe for our littlest adventurers.

Water Play Feature

An interactive water feature to keep kids curious and cool during the summer months.

Open Space

Space to be used for playing, lounging, picnicking or small neighborhood events.

Theater Park

An Interactive Stage For Discovery

Theater Park, so named because of the way the homes that surround the park look out on it like theater seats do on a stage, is the most interactive park in Walsh.

This park is home to several fun and engaging experiences, including an in-ground slide, a 100 foot zip line, interactive water features, swings and an Imagination Playground. One of the most fun experiences, however, isn’t even in plain sight. The musical playground, an interactive playground with hidden “Easter Eggs,” is full of secret surprises for kids to discover and explore.

Founders Park

Walsh’s First Neighborhood Park

Founders Park is located in the center our first neighborhood in Walsh and is the home to our Model Park. An open area crisscrossed with walking paths and outlined with trees, this park serves as one of the hubs for weekend activities and neighborhood celebrations and was home to our first Walsh Christmas Tree during the holidays.

Our builders surround the park with 10 model homes, showcasing a variety of beautiful homes and architectural styles open to the public daily.

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