The Colonial Revival style of architecture sprang up in the United States in the late 1800s and was popular through the mid-1900s.

Reminiscent of English and Dutch prototypes, this style moved into Fort Worth neighborhoods in the 1920s.

Known for its clean lines and simple design, Colonial Revival homes were typically two-storied and rectangular, running parallel to the street. The front door, usually accentuated and having a covered portico or porch, was centered and prominent with equally spaced, rectangular windows adding to the symmetrical look of these houses. Some featured a smaller, one-story garage or sunroom on one side and set back from the body of the main house.

The updated Colonial Revival homes at Walsh will feature gabled or hipped roofs covered in shingles, seam metal or simulated slate. Wider windows and lighter colored exteriors will blend with the gorgeous natural surroundings of the Walsh community. Attractive clapboard siding or brick, either painted or in natural colors, will cover the façade.

Porches, supported by traditional round or square Colonial columns, will extend over centrally located front entryways. Impressive sidelights will flank the doors and illuminate the exterior entrance. Dormer windows with classical details can be added to enhance the upper floor of these homes while side porches or sunrooms will offer a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Our modern take on the timeless Colonial Revival architectural style seen in Fort Worth neighborhoods will complement the Walsh community for years to come.