If you grew up in a small town or have taken a road trip through a rural area, chances are you have stopped by the local community hangout, also known as the country store.

In the small rural area where I lived, our country store was located in the center of town. My sister and I often stopped there as we walked home from school to get a snack or to pick up something Mom needed for dinner. I still remember the screech of the screen door when it opened and the creak of the wooden floor as we walked past the tall shelves filled with merchandise. On the wooden checkout counter in the middle of the store was an old cash register that clanged when the proprietor rang up our purchases.

Sometimes we would head for the ice cream freezer near the back door where locals gathered outside on the porch to chat and the older men would sit for hours playing checkers. It was a place where we could always count on seeing our friends and neighbors. I loved stopping in and was sorry to see it close. Its demise left a hole in the sense of community it once embraced.

Walsh is bringing back that sense of community with an updated version of the old country stores that once dotted our nation. Currently under construction and slated to open in early July, the Walsh Village Market will not only serve as a modern convenience store filled with familiar favorite items; but also healthy, locally grown and thoughtfully sourced products. Located at the entrance to The Village, this general store and gas station is a convenient stop for essentials that are carefully curated to meet the wants and needs of the community.

Inside the store, a small corner bar will serve everything from coffee and breakfast in the morning to after-work craft beer and wine. The outside courtyard will serve as a convenient community gathering spot with events like food tastings, music and more. It will be a place to relax, catch up with neighbors or just watch the kids play.

Enjoy local seasonal goods like Weatherford peaches or choose from the best in gluten-free products. Pick up a bag of locally brewed coffee beans or a healthy grab and go meal for dinner. Or just stop for gas and a chat with neighbors.

In keeping with Walsh’s community spirit, The Walsh Village Market will provide a modern twist on the heart of the community once provided by old country stores. Stay tuned for more updates on our Market in the weeks to come including construction updates and interviews with everyone from our friendly staff to our local coffee roasters!