As a forward-looking community, Walsh welcomes a blend of vibrant, aesthetically-pleasing architectural styles in addition to styles previously announced.

These styles fall under the category of Transitional and include, but are not limited to, International, Modern and Contemporary.

During the early to mid-20th century, Modern architecture brought a clean, functional and simple design to the housing industry. Architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright built these homes to blend into their natural environment by using exposed beams, open floor plans and bold, flat roof lines. Often, many rooms would open onto large patios or atriums with the intent of blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors.

The International style dominated the West during the mid-20th century as architects discarded the ornamentation of previous architectural styles. Sleek, flat exteriors with large glass windows replaced the multiple gables of the past. The interiors were vast and open, allowing for a light spacious feel. This style was embraced by many famous architects including Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

With the turn of the 21st century, various architectural styles morphed into what is known as the Contemporary style. Contemporary houses are noted for their use of natural, sustainable materials that are non-toxic and recyclable and their natural light. These homes blend features from architectural styling of the past to create a new, updated composition.

The beautifully crafted Transitional homes at Walsh will feature exteriors of stucco, wood, stone and painted brick accented by an expanse of windows designed to take full advantage of the natural elements that abound in our neighborhood. The homes may feature covered porticos supported by stone columns and surrounded by banks of windows and low-sloped roofs designed to enhance the entryway. Gas lights add a soft glow to attached garages set slightly back from the home’s façade.

Deep overhangs with exposed rafters are popular in these styles as are prominent chimneys, dormers and window bays. Large porches, running along the front of the houses, add to the homey ambiance of these individually crafted homes.

Regardless of the architectural style you choose for your new home, Walsh will provide the lifestyle of your dreams.