A lot can change in just a couple of years.

In April 2017, Fort Worth’s next great neighborhood opened its doors to residents. Built on the values of Texas Exceptionalism and the ethos of a Texan’s drive to settle the American West, the 7,200-acre Walsh was created to have a unique blend of grit and heart—a thriving community that embraces both the wonders of the natural landscape and the latest in advanced technology.

In the 24 months that have passed since residential development began, we have made much progress on the site that was formerly the home of the Walsh family’s ranching operations. With over 138 homes sold and 387 new residents in 2018 alone, we have welcomed a new generation of Fort Worthians who are determined to build a community that honors the past while creating a unique future. Walsh is now home to over 800 residents.

2018 also saw the launch of a new neighborhood—Cline Park—as well as our multi-disciplinary, multi-age Makerspace. Designed to be the community’s creative HQ, the Makerspace was intended to inspire a new creative class, engaging residents and visitors in a warm and inviting environment.

As we enter our third year, the history of Walsh has only just begun. Enjoy this look back from our first anniversary as we gaze ahead to what the future holds for Walsh—a place unlike any other.