Residents and guests at Walsh are invited to make music with our latest amenity: the Symfunee musical playground at Theater Park.

Residents and guests are invited to make music with our latest amenity: the Symfunee musical playground at Theater Park.

The interactive playscape sets the stage for discovery at all ages: in the wood log playscape and in-ground slide, hidden surprises and clues allow anyone at play to unlock a musical experience.

A custom-designed network of sensors and symphony of programmed sounds allows children or families at play to create the music of hand bells, a sitar, a bass guitar, drums, an acoustic guitar, and a piano simply by playing on the playground.

“We’re proud of the progress we’re making at Walsh to build a community where families can truly live happier and healthier lives,” said Tony Ruggeri, Co-CEO at Republic Property Group. “Our focus on amenities such as the Makerspace and the Musical Playground is to create a unique lifestyle for every resident and give children opportunities to explore, discover, learn and develop.”

Childhood development experts including Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, applaud sensory play for its ability to facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play. The process of creating, investigation and exploration in sensory play help build nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which develops children’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks.

“Children have such incredible imaginations and at Walsh, they are able to bring those ideas to life. To me, the musical playground is an example of that and I hope it encourages kids to realize all the amazing things they can create with a little help from technology, nature, and a big imagination,” said Michael Voll, creator of Symfunee (which powers the musical playground) and founder of Frog, our community’s technology provider.

Achieving a balance of exploration and play, in both the natural world and through modern technologies is a cornerstone of life at Walsh; so come explore, play and discover the music at Walsh.

About Frog:
Frog is an Orlando based technology company employing forward-thinking research and development, original strategies, and innovative solutions.  Delivering the fastest residential internet on the planet, enabling smart communities, and leveraging technology to create magical experiences are just a few of the ways Frog is creating the future. For more information visit

About Symfunee™️
Developed by Frog, Symfunee is a patent pending musical experience for playgrounds. Enabled by a neural network of embedded sensors, Symfunee turns ordinary play structures into magical, music-filled experiences that encourage play, creativity, and education. Learn more at