Technology is a foundational driver for Walsh.

We see the impact that it has on our lives and believe in the benefits that it can have on our community and residents. As such, we treat technology as a necessary utility much like water, gas or electricity. We live in an age where the smart home is no longer an idea of the future. Turning the air conditioner or lights off and locking doors from across the country on your phone is now a reality…and that is just the tip of the iceberg. We can, and should, use technology to its fullest to create the most convenient living environment possible.

We are pleased to announce that from day one, Walsh will be the very first community in the country to offer two-gigabit internet speeds in every home and school as the minimum connectivity standard, with speeds of up to ten gigabits available to all. Installing this world-class infrastructure will support our connected homes and innovative businesses from day one, and ensure their growth far into the future.

It is exciting to think of this kind of technology being readily available to our first residents, but perhaps even more exciting to know that among the first to benefit from technological advances at Walsh will be students attending our new, on-site Aledo ISD elementary school, set to open for the 2017-2018 academic school year.

Delivering the world’s fastest internet is not just about connectivity, it’s about fostering an entirely new center of innovation in Texas. We are eager to see what people can and will do or imagine when unrestrained by limits on connectivity speeds or bandwidth. By embracing technology at Walsh, we will create a neighborhood poised to grow well into the future.