A decade ago, the Walsh family started a 75-acre tree farm on the northern reaches of the property as part of a plan to grow trees that would one day line the drives, sidewalks, and parks of this great neighborhood.

“A tree for every family,” was the thought.

We are grateful for this generous foresight as we begin to build the framework for Walsh. Because more than 16,000 trees were planted and nurtured over the past 10 years, we find ourselves able to tap into a truly invaluable resource and give something special to our future residents … mature, thriving trees.

When we think of truly great neighborhoods across the country, beautiful, mature trees are ever present. Every established, notable neighborhood has them. The more mature they are, the more beautiful the streets become.

With that in mind, we have begun moving several of these trees from the farm to Walsh Ranch Parkway, where more than 700 trees will line the route home – each one carefully and meticulously placed into a display of wildflowers that will be on view from March until Fall, with a succession of waves of color.

Here, Anne Howerton of renowned landscape architecture firm Hart Howerton, talks about the trees and the vision for them to be incorporated into the already exquisite topography of the land.