At Walsh, we embrace the innate human desire to learn, grow and create, recognizing that it is alive and well among people of all ages and backgrounds.

We recognize the need to provide young people opportunities to master tangible skills and trades through access to vocational programs, extracurricular labs and workshops, internships, work studies and more. Walsh provides those who aspire to create for pleasure and enrichment a way to do so while embracing the social and economic value of learning a craft, as well.

This is brought to life in The Makerspace at Walsh: a multidisciplinary, multi-age, makerspace in the heart of Walsh Village. Designed in partnership with leading expert Mark Hatch (author of the best-selling book The Maker Movement Manifesto and co-founder of TechShop); this space provides the tools, resources and collaboration needed for residents and visitors to actually make stuff, and make friends.

“The team at Walsh has truly embraced the spirit of the Makers Movement: giving people the tools and teaching them to build with their own hands. The Makerspace at Walsh will serve as a gathering place for adults to hone crafts or hobbies into skills and second careers, and a source of inspiration for children as they learn to design, create and make the next generation of big ideas.”

-Mark Hatchauthor of the maker movement manifesto and co-founder of Techshop

The Makerspace at Walsh will include a woodshop, computer design software and 3D printers, laser cutters, robotics and an electronics lab, and will offer makers-focused curriculum that includes guest lectures, classes and demonstration. This curriculum will extend beyond the walls of our space and into homes and schools via technology. Ten gigabit internet – the fastest internet speeds in the country – from provider Frog will make 3D modeling and 3D printing readily accessible at The Makerspace at Walsh. Children can experiment with age-appropriate robotics kits, and future Makerspace plans include year-round programming and classes open to Walsh residents, local community groups and businesses.

Furthermore, we have partnered with Aledo ISD to ensure that high school, middle school and elementary campuses will all have access to the Makerspace at Walsh. Skill development and makers-focused extracurricular classes will be offered to all students, who will also be able to attend programs at the Makerspace, including youth summer camps and learning workshops (beginning this Summer).

Our maker mindset furthers our mission to help educate the children of Walsh for the uncertain future that lies ahead, giving them a chance to become familiar with making things in digital and analog environments.