Cameron Cook, General Manager of the Village Market, sat down with us to share some of his fall favorites.

Kicking off Cameron’s list of fall favorites is the gluten-free butternut squash pasta sauce from Dave’s Gourmet, a popular California-based company.

“It’s great for ravioli,” says Cook. “Perfect for anyone who wants to dip their toe in the fall atmosphere.”

For the football fan looking to grill the perfectly seasoned steak, Cameron recommends the Signature House Blend from 1890. The brand is owned by restaurateurs and local residents of the Walsh community.

“I did a blind taste test with some friends,” says Cook. “We did 3 different rubs, including this Signature House Blend. It won by a landslide!”

Of course, you can’t have the holidays without the Texas staple—tamales! The Village Market has partnered up with a Dallas-based company to offer fresh tamales that have local farmer’s markets raving! These tamales are bursting with flavor including chicken tomatillo, black bean & corn and ancho chile pork.

“They’re great to stock up on,” says Cook. “Just steam them up in a pot of boiling water and they’re ready to go.”

As always, the Village Market has the perfect pastries to make each holiday meal more memorable than the last.  We get new shipments every Wednesday. Check back to see what seasonal surprises await!