In April 2018, our family made the move to Walsh. Our house was one of the first under construction.

When we moved in, there were still more model homes than permanent ones. We embraced the community’s pioneer spirit with a strong belief in the Walsh vision of what was to come.

Fast forward to today, and we live in a vibrant community that has exceeded expectations. It’s a perfect mix of big city amenities and small town charm.

At the heart of the neighborhood is Walsh Elementary, an Aledo ISD gem that is a short walk from our front door. My oldest daughter Vivienne, 9, now a fourth-grader, was a part of the inaugural kindergarten class. Madeleine, 8, is a second-grader and Charlotte, 4, will be starting in the fall. The school is thriving and our kids love being Bearcats.

Both of my kids’ current teachers live in the neighborhood too, so that helps ensure homework always gets done on time. We are all looking forward to the brand new middle school that is under construction near the northwest side of the neighborhood.

After school, there’s no shortage of things to do. The kids frequent the many parks on their bikes and scooters. There’s a fully stocked lake, complete with a swim area, play spaces and dock. Nature trails are found throughout Walsh as well.

"We live in a vibrant community that has exceeded expectations. It’s a perfect mix of big city amenities and small town charm."

They also like to zip over to our community store, the Village Market, for ice cream and snacks. There’s plenty of goodies for adults there as well: groceries, a vast wine and beer selection, foodie finds and gifts.

Down the street from the Village Market is the resort area, complete with pools, a gym and recreation areas. Walsh is known for the regular events that occur around these common spaces and we, like most here, go to just about all of them. Needless to say, this is an active community!

Being a short drive outside of the hustle and bustle of the city helps us feel like we can get away but not feel isolated. There’s not a sense of having to give anything up to achieve this, which is wonderful. This is likely a result of a tight-knit neighborhood that happened organically and resources put in place by Walsh to support it. Case in point, I have a hybrid work schedule where I spend part of my time working from home and the other in an office near downtown. Walsh has put in place reliable, lightning fast internet that will keep pace with technology advancements.

The balance between embracing the natural beauty of the land and ensuring we have the tools in place for the tech of tomorrow makes Walsh unique! It’s great to call Walsh home.

Article By: Christine Gores

Photograph By: Angéle Hamilton, owner of Photography by Angéle

Photograph: The Gores family left to right: Chris Gores, Lottie Gores, 4, Christine Gores, Madeleine Gores, 8, and Vivienne Gores, 9 outside their home in Walsh.

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